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We offer financial guidance to anyone looking for assistance with their retirement or financial plan. At AXIS Financial, we pride ourselves on exceeding all of your expectations and debunking any preconceived notions you may have towards financial professionals. We believe it is in our best interest to stay in your best interest!

Keeping this in mind, Chris Berkel of AXIS Financial has developed a process to ensure that your time spent together is beneficial to you. Shortly after meeting, he will share the bias that he has discovered during his time as a facilitator of retirement success. Then, he will explain any expectations and outcomes that you should have of your meetings. His biggest priority will always be that you feel listened to, understood, and honored. At AXIS Financial, they will never tell you what to do, but instead, offer many suggestions and maps to get you from point A to point B.

My Bias & my goal
As a father of three and the husband of a kind and loving wife, Chris’ driving motivation is to be an example to his children by continuously serving his community financially. Click on the play button to watch!

"I was taught long ago that what goes around, comes around. The way you do anything is the way you do everything.”
Chris Berkel

the 5-star rating program

Long ago we implemented a ‘5-Star Rating’ system for two reasons. First, we feel an immense amount of pride from all of our happy clients and wanted to share it. Second, we realized that keeping our focus on gaining more great ratings is mutually beneficial for us and for you.

we do our business on the basis of

"We listened well"

"You felt understood"

"You felt honored"